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  • Winter Season 14 January 2015 | Comments (2)

    It's another cold and miserable day here, so it makes it hard work to be more than half a day out in the lofts. We haven't paired up yet as we don't fly darkness for young birds. I prefer to leave them that extra month in hope of some milder weather for breading and weaning.

    I know of some people love to see snow, but personally as a peigeon fancier I hate it!!! Frozen taps, frozen drinkers and by the time I finish I have frozen toes!!! So I hope there will be no snow in the next two months.

    So as we have not been breeding at the moment, apart from cleaning the lofts I have been busy checking that all the pigeons are in good health. Picking our widowhood team which will be 40 this year and sorting out our natural loft into sections. 

    Next time I write on here I will have hopefully paired up, so see you soon...

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    New Website 12 January 2015 | Comments (1)

    It’s a New Year, new website and an up and coming new racing season.  It does come around quickly!

    On my blog page I hope to write on here regular with news from our lofts. Stuff like how our breeding, exercising, training and racing is going, accompanied by a few photos aswell.  I will write what is working and not working for us.

    The blog will mostly be light-hearted and it’s just my views and opinions which I would like to share with likeminded Pigeon Fanciers.

    I hope you enjoy our new website and thank you for visiting.  Any comments or messages are always welcome…

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